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Coming out of a season of caring for aging parents, my long-term health has been in the forefront of my thoughts. I now feel like I have the tools to make choices for a healthier lifestyle and understand why they can make a difference. It has been so liberating to not feel doomed to just accept what illness that might come my way.

Karen, Coppell, TX

Tricia has helped me regain control of my life from the inside out. Through her gentle coaching on diet and nutrition and overall well being, together we were able to identify the root cause of my symptoms, develop a plan of action and finally execute the plan until we achieved success! I am eternally grateful to Tricia for her wealth of knowledge and genuine encouragement. There's no way I could be on this journey with her!

Natalie, Plano, TX

Tricia has helped me spiritually, mentally, & physically through my journey. She has put suggestions & next steps in place for me that have now become habits. I have already met some of my goals that I have been trying to conquer on my own for many years without success. I feel so blessed to have Tricia in my life & to have her as my health coach.

Margaret, Rocklin, CA

I must say, I was a skeptic (about health coaching) when I started, but little by little my aches and pains started going away and the weight began to come off. What really surprised me was how easy it became to make good healthy choices, that have just become a part of my everyday life. Tricia was just the right wellness coach for me. She moved me forward in a pace I could stay with. What can I say? I feel better now than I have in years. Thanks, Tricia you were just what I needed.

Debby, Murphy, TX

The biggest change I’ve noticed has been that I lost 40 lbs. For the first time in my life these new habits are sustainable. Other times I have lost weight in a variety of ways, but it was never sustainable. We will continue to use intermittent detoxing which is how we started our time with Tricia. My wife lost 20 lbs. and she wasn't even Tricia’s client! This was simply because she was cooking for me and thus our whole family is healthier.

Nenad D & Allison D


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