February 26, 2020

I recently went through some business training with author, speaker and marketing expert, Joy Evanns. Her message was amazing and really got me thinking. The part that hit me especially hard was when she spoke of alignment.




“Imagine a train,” she said. “With two engines on each side (one in back and one in front), each pulling in the proper direction for its individual goal, but not working together for one goal.” This really got me thinking.


I pictured where I was in my health coaching business, meeting one-on-one with clients to change bad habits and create new healthy ones, educating about food and proper nutrition, teaching about toxins, sharing tips & tricks in my Facebook group, writing a weekly blog (and realizing it’s been absent from my list of accomplishments lately). Then it hit me.


I had too many “engines” pulling me in several different directions.


All of them good, but not working together to get to the ultimate goal. I needed to get better momentum. The kind that comes when all the cars are on the track, facing the same direction and all the engines are up front pulling with such force there is nowhere the train can go but forward. I was simply spreading myself too thin and my messaging was getting watered down.


I have come to the conclusion that I need to consolidate my efforts – and it feels right and it feels freeing!


I have decided to shut down my website, end my blog/newsletter and focus on sharing my tips, tricks, recipes in my Tricia’s Wellness Tribe Facebook group (that you should join if you haven’t already 😉).


This also coincides with the new business I am starting this year. I have partnered with a company that is using game changing science to help deliver nutritional supplements and CBD through Advanced Technology Delivery. The science has been around for decades; used by the pharmaceutical and cancer industries. Now, that same technology is getting a reboot and has been adapted for delivering nutrition all the way to the cell level. This allows the body to get more relief and benefit through better absorption.


I love researching and sharing with you (after all, not everyone has time to read research study results from the NIH and PubMed). I have been learning about natural therapies for joint pain, inflammation, sleep, anti-aging, brain health and so much more. So, my posts in the Tricia’s Wellness Tribe group will be an opportunity for me to share with you (in bite size pieces) all the things I am learning. I invite you to join me there. Tricia’s Wellness Tribe.


What does all this mean?


So, with all that said, this will be the last newsletter I send out (at least from the website in this format). I’d love to keep in touch with you to share invitations to upcoming health seminars (in person & on-line) ↓↓↓ spoiler alert: there’s one below ↓↓↓, share testimonies of the health transformations from my clients and customers, and see how my products may help you and your family find relief and healing.


Simply reply to this message and let me know you don’t want to miss out on future information. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. 😊

One last thing…


I am hosting an event next week Wednesday, March 4th from 7-8pm, at my home in Lewisville.


If you struggle with • sleep • weight • pain • brain fog • concentration • mood • digestive troubles

... this workshop is for you!


Come join me along with my friend, Shanna, as we teach about all things CBD and Advanced Delivery Technology through Liposomes.


  • Learn the ins & outs of CBD – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Shanna will share her cancer survival story and how the right supplements saved her life when modern medicine didn’t have any solutions.

  • Learn what a liposome is and why it should be a vital part of your supplementation and CBD story?


Feel free to bring guests with you or send your friends and family our way -- even if you can't make it -- we'll take good care of them.


Reach out to me by hitting reply or emailing me at and I’ll send you the event details and address.


Thank you for being part of my Tribe. 😊


Be well!

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