Losing Weight in the New Year

December 31, 2019


It’s here folks. The new year is just around the corner. Thoughts turn to “resolutions” (yuck, but that’s for another post). Most people start reviewing the past year and grasp for new ideas on how this next year can be and will be different – better – changes to their health, finance, relationships etc.


I am working with a client who tells me her goal is to “feel lighter”. I’m a health coach - she wants to feel lighter. You would probably assume that means she wants to lose weight. Nope, that’s not it.


My challenge is to help her define what she means by that. What does “feeling lighter” mean to her?


I can imagine how she wants to feel in the future compared to how she feels now. I can see glimpses of where the weighty feeling might be coming from.


But she doesn’t. She's not there yet.


For her to reach that goal of “feeling lighter,” she needs to get a firm understanding of what is truly weighing her down. We won’t know what to change in her lifestyle habits if she can’t determine what is bringing her down or making her feel heavy.


That is true for everyone wanting to "feel lighter".


Living your true, authentic self, and daily existing in a life that feels “lighter” means letting go of so much and has very little to do with actual body weight.


You need to let go of…


--what others have said about you

--how others have made you feel

--how others have defined you

--fear of failure

--fear of judgement


My friend, you need to let go. Read that again. S l o w l y.


YOU need to let go. Until you loosen your grip and let it fall away those weights will impede your progress forward and you will never feel lighter.


Instead, hang on to the moments you feel strong, smart, accomplished, at peace, happy and joyful.


And then…do more of that. Seek it out daily – wash, rinse, repeat - until the heaviness dissipates and you feel lighter.


Better yet… you feel yourself again.


Until next time, be well friends!

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