Holiday Party Tip

December 3, 2019


Here we are. December is upon us and we are heading full speed into the holiday party season. Some parties we look forward to every year. Some…well, let’s just say once a year can be one time too many. Today’s tip is about making the most of each party and truly enjoying yourself.


The true joy found at a party is not about the venue, the food or the requirement to dress in a weird sweater. It’s about the people. The connections we can make – if we are willing.


This time of year, we tend to think of giving as the gifts we can buy or the cookies we can make. But what about other gifts? Easier and free gifts?


What about the gift of conversation?

The gift of curiosity?

The gift of presence?


Showing someone you care because you want to get to know them and make a connection. That is a true gift and a priceless one too.


So, this year, as you venture out into the holiday party scene, be prepared with some questions that can help lead to real connection. Below is a short list of questions to inspire you. Which one is your favorite? What will you add to the list?


  • What holiday traditions are you most looking forward to?

  • What are some of the traditional foods you only eat during the holidays?

  • What’s your favorite Christmas Movie?

  • What’s your favorite Christmas memory from your childhood?

  • What new traditions have you and your family started?

  • What do you like most about your job?

  • What do you like to do when you're not at work?

  • What does your perfect day, not at work, look like?

  • What’s the last good movie you’ve seen or good book you’ve read?


Challenge yourself this holiday season. Ask questions that show them you are curious to know “who” they are not “what” they do.


We are more than our jobs, friends. We need to learn to ask better questions. It’s one way we learn to relate to people. To seek understanding without judgement or prejudice. To find common ground and shared experiences.


Curiosity + Connection = Holiday Cheer!


Until next time, be well friends!

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