Give Yourself a Break - It's the Holidays

November 26, 2019


So, the holidays are upon us. Is it just me and my circle or are you also surrounded by food?  Lots and lots of home baked goods and tasty treats. During the holidays it can be a challenge to stay on a healthy path – even for health coaches. But, take hope friends. It’s not as hard as you think you just need to plan a little. 


If you think you will stick to your regular lifestyle plan perfectly during the holidays, most likely you will indulge, see it as a “slip up” and feel like a “failure”. You know where that leads? Down the path of, “What the heck, I messed up anyway. I might as well PIG out live it up and do better after the first of the year.”


STOP! Don’t go there. That would be six weeks of self-sabotage. You are worth more than that.


Friends, you are not a failure. Never have been never could be. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays. Here is a simple way to keep yourself from going “wheels off the bus” and still enjoying some treats. In other words, today’s tip can help you find balance. 


During the year, I try to stick to the 90/10 rule. Meaning. 90% of the time I make healthy decisions eating real, whole foods. The other 10% I splurge a little – sweet potato fries and wine tend to be my treats. 😊  Oh, and dairy free ice cream.


Each week, I take a look at my schedule and see where those “fun foods” will fit in. It helps me stay on track and make good decisions for my health and my sanity.


I’ve learned I don’t want to bother with wine while cooking dinner on a Tuesday night. I’d rather save it up to have at our dinner date Saturday night.


This bit of planning helps me steer clear of things that just "pop up" knowing my treats are already built in.  I know I'm not depriving myself – I’m simply saving my eating budget for the good treats, the right treats for me that will truly satisfy. 


This holiday season I challenge you to so the same. 


First, decide what kind of “lifestyle” you want to maintain during the holidays. By this I mean, out of the 21 meals in a week, how many of them do you plan to make good, healthy, nourishing meals? What is the percentage of splurges you can live with guilt-free? Are a 90/10? 80/20? Only you can decide what will give you balance. FYI: during the holidays I change to an 80/20 lifestyle. 😉


Then, each week look at your holiday schedule and see what events you have coming up. Ask yourself some questions and plan accordingly.

  • What days/meals will you splurge a little?

  • What foods are truly special to you? Your mom’s fudge? Your Aunt’s pecan pie? Is the CostCo cake a vendor dropped off in the office breakroom worth spending your budget on?

  • What events traditionally have food associated with them? Like Grandma’s pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving or the girlfriend gift exchange with fancy hot chocolate and way too many of your best friend’s sugar cookies?


Plan a little. Then enjoy! Live the holiday season guilt-free and without heading down a slippery slope.


Until next time, be well friends!

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