Never Just One Thing

November 5, 2019

Recently, someone paid me a huge compliment. She said I had beautiful skin and asked what I used on my face. My quick answer was Frankincense oil - such a gem among natural skin care (and overall healthcare) products.


But, after thinking about it, I realized I did her a disfavor by narrowing in on one thing. It’s never one thing.




Health, whether that’s skin, stomach, brain or any other part of our body, can never be achieved by focusing in on one thing. Our bodies are complex systems that need complete care.


What if all you did for your car was put gas in it?

  • You never changed the spark plugs

  • Never added window washer fluid

  • Never rotated the tires

  • Never changed the oil or the filter


Would the car run? Sure, it would, you keep putting gas in it.


But, is it performing at peak performance?

Is it performing the way it was designed to perform?

How long can you keep that neglect up before it starts to breakdown?


Why would you think your body is any different?


It’s never just one thing.


We need to stop this single-minded thinking and look at the whole body.


So, friend, I apologize.  Here is the answer I should have given you...


My healthy complexion is a combination of all the things I do to treat my body well.

  • I don’t use toxic makeup or skin care products

  • I drink a lot of water each and every day (in fact I am never without a water bottle)

  • I have rid my home of chemicals using Norwex to clean safely

  • I eat a mostly organic, grass fed and wild caught diet

  • I supplement my nutrition with PURE products to help detoxify my body and add in the nutrients our food system is lacking

  • And the Frankincense, mixed with coconut oil as my nightly moisturizer


Remember, it’s never one thing. Hope that helps.


Until next time, be well friends!

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