The Beach Gave Me Homework?

October 22, 2019


I’m not sure what I expected to gain from the beach retreat I was just on, but I definitely didn’t think I’d be coming away with homework. Yes, by the time I listed to the podcasts I’d downloaded, started reading a new book (thank you Rebekah for the recommendation) and having life giving conversations with new friends, I came away with four new books to read. They have been ordered and, thanks to the wonder that is Amazon, will be waiting for me when I finish driving home today. 


So how does this relate to being a “Best Tip” on this Tuesday? 


Great question. 


My tip for you today is this, be intentional about setting time away, apart from the day to day, so you can breathe, think, learn and contemplate. Maybe mark a couple of hours a week or even take a whole day each month and save it on your calendar as your personal retreat. Turn off the phone and focus on YOU and your dreams and interests. 


Side note: 

You know you can still use your phone for reading blogs and listening to podcasts even if it’s set to Do Not Disturb, right? Even those of you with kids can safely be away from the “possibility” of someone needing you and only check the calls and texts after a few hours away from it. 


Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that the only way to reach someone was if they happened to be home at the time you called. Sick kids at school survived. Spouses needing an answer survived. We all survived. Maybe we even learned new coping skills by learning to deal with the disappointment of not getting an answer right away. Or having to stay at school a little longer with a tummy ache. Sorry, got sidetracked. Back to the point at hand. 


Taking time away from the norm allows us to free our brains from the expected. We open the door for new messages, dreams and creativity to come in and actually feel like they are being welcomed.  Not just shuffled past the current “to do” list and sat down in a waiting room to ... wait. 


Wait for what?

For when? 

For when the to do list to complete?

Oh, that’s so cute. 


Don’t wait to dream. 

Don’t wait to be creative. 

Don’t wait to see what life could hold for you. 

Instead, find some time to explore the possibilities. 

Be intentional about the seeking. 


Maybe set aside a couple of hours at a new coffee shop or a park you’ve never been to. Plan a personal getaway to a hotel or the beach. 😉 Do something different and intentional and allow yourself to be inspired. Give yourself permission to get back to who you were designed to be.


Your time may result in homework, but what’s so bad about having new thoughts, ideas and interests to explore? Often that’s where the answers are to the things you didn’t even know you were questioning. 


Until next time, be well friends! 

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