One Small Change CAN Change Your Life

October 15, 2019

Yes, one small change CAN change your life.

That may sound extreme, but it’s true and I’d like to give you two examples that I’ve recently witnessed/heard. Two elderly women whose lives have changed dramatically by just making one small change. If it can happen for them, it can happen for you.




The first is about my mom. For those of you who don’t know, my mom is a healthy 85-year-old who lives by herself, is still active at church and with friends and enjoys taking European river cruises with me. She has always lived a healthy lifestyle, but ever since my Dad’s passing six year ago, she has made an extra effort to care for herself. She sees the chiropractor each week, goes to exercise three times a week, has reduced the amount of carbs and dairy she eats (ridding herself of decades of sinus issues) and she takes her vitamins daily.


So, with all that, what small change could she possibly make that changed her life? Quality. She changed the quality of her supplements.


Instead of buying her supplements from the drugstore on the corner, I helped her switch to the PURE supplements Bill and I take. They’re all natural, whole food plant nutrition in supplement form. We didn’t change her routine, just swapped out what she was taking for something that would serve her body better. Think of it as upgrading from a fast food burger to homemade grass-fed beef burger. Similar, but better.


Within a week of this one small change, she called me super excited about all the energy she had and how productive she was being. She informed me that she no longer needs to take an afternoon nap. Instead she uses that time to sit and rest her body and work on crossword puzzles or have some prayer time.


Yes, one small change has changed the trajectory of her health, energy and future.


The other example is one I just learned of today. Shared with me by a woman who works at my favorite coffee shop. She knows I am a health coach, so we talk about health and wellness nearly every time I see her. Today she told me about the miraculous recovery her mother had from dementia due to one simple change.


She and her sister are the main caretakers for their mother and over the past couple of years have seen a rapid decline in her cognitive ability. Officially tested and diagnosed with dementia, they wanted to do all they could to help keep her as healthy as they could.


The daughters knew they needed to devise an eating schedule for their mom so they started helping her prepare her meals. Incorporating all the same exact foods she always ate, the only change they made was adding MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) to her morning coffee or smoothie.


Within a couple of weeks, they noticed her memory was improving. She was less forgetful with recent memories. Within a couple of months, their mother’s sugar cravings had disappeared and she lost 20+ pounds.


Just last week, their mother’s doctor gave her a clean bill of health and she scored perfectly on the cognitive ability test. The doctor told the daughters he had never seen anyone reverse dementia before and to keep doing what they were doing.


Now, I am not a doctor and I am not here to promote what might need to change in your life. I simply want to remind you that one small change CAN make a huge impact on your life, your health and your well being.


For you maybe it's upgrading your supplements or starting to take some 😉. Maybe it’s honoring the commitments you make to yourself as much as you honor those made to others. Maybe it’s starting to cook at home more often or adding movement into your schedule a couple times a week. 


Yes, making all the changes all at once will give you quicker and faster results. But, it’s also not sustainable and you will probably burn out just as quickly. 


One small change at a time.


Allow that one change to become part of you, to be your new normal and see where it takes you. It really can change your life.


Until next time, be well friends!

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