Happy Monday! Or is it?

July 1, 2019


Are Sunday nights hard? Do you start to feel a little bummed as you wrap up the weekend and prepare for the week ahead? Do you wake up Monday mornings feeling sluggish and wondering how in the world you will get through the day, not to mention, the week?


Have you ever wondered how the food and lifestyle choices made over the weekend could be sabotaging your Mondays?


You probably realize that staying up too late and not getting enough sleep on the weekends impacts your productivity on Monday. But, did you know your food choices over the weekend could be impacting your mood?


Think about it, you eat great all week (ok, maybe pretty well, maybe not great), but then Fri-yay! Someone brought donuts to the office. Well, ok…it’s the weekend. You brought your lunch but the gang is going out…because it’s the weekend. Then maybe happy hour or dinner out because… you guessed it…it’s the weekend. See where I’m going here?


We start self-sabotaging Friday morning and often don’t stop until brunch on Sunday. Then we wonder why the Sunday night blues begin and the headache starts and we feel a little depressed about the week ahead.


Those of us in the alternative health field have long known what traditional institutions like the Mayo Clinic and Harvard are now reporting – that there is a correlation between what we eat and how we feel both physically and mentally. People eating fried foods, refined flour and sugar from sweets and high-fat dairy products often report symptoms of depression. (Notice how that just encompassed burgers, fries, pizza and ice cream - typical weekend treats). 


Conversely, those who eat a diet that focuses on vegetables, healthy fats, clean meats/proteins and low carbohydrates – especially reducing sugar and processed foods – show less signs of depression.


Now, I’m not saying give up all the foods you love and live a weekend of abstinence. Simply pause, think and be a bit more discerning in deciding what’s really worth it. And by worth it, I don’t mean calories. Worth it means: is the food you are choosing to eat worth the headache two days from now? Is it worth the stomach ache and discomfort? Is it worth the brain fog and muscle aches? Perhaps bring a bit more intentionality into your decision making and don’t say yes to everything.


Croissants at the office flown in from France – Yes! Donuts picked up at one of a million shops someone passed on the way to the office – not so much. Maybe eat the lunch you brought at your desk and still go out with your office mates at lunch to enjoy their company and laughter, but simply drink a refreshing iced tea. Or maybe, you do go out to lunch because it’s one of your favorite places, but then eat the lunch you brought with you for dinner. Just start with small simple adjustments.


Taking time to be discerning about your food and lifestyle choices over the weekend can make all the difference in the world come Monday morning. It will support your health goals and make a huge impact on the health of your future self.



Thanks for visiting and reading my post. I'm curious to hear how you might make a change or two to your weekends to set yourself up for success on Mondays. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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